And so the journey begins…

Greetings from across the pond. Not a lot to post about yet. A few first day tips for future study abroaders.

Sleep aid for the extensive plan ride is of course a must.  Getting a prescription sleep aid is even better!

Don’t over pack.  If you do like options clothing wise space bags are a must.  They make a huge difference.

Buy what you can when you arrive in your host country-aka things like blow dryers, curling irons, and other beauty products.  Although, I’m a brand specific girl and decided I couldn’t live without my favorite hair product brands.

A four hour layer over by yourself can be a little boring.  What’s even worse is carting your bags all through the airport as you venture around biding your never-ending time. Again, don’t over pack.  It gets tiring carrying around a carry-on full of books and a laptop (my bag).  Bring carry on bags that are comfy to carry for long periods of time-backpacks, long straps, etc.

Bring a second pair of shoes in your carry-on if you have the space.  I wore nike sneaks for my connecting flights, but I stuffed a pair of cute flats into my bag that I put on for my final flight.  Most Europeans dress extremely well, it is nice to not stand out when you arrive.

Begin talking to new people right off the bat.  I don’t typically strike up conversations with strangers.  I went out of my comfort zone and started a conversation with a man about my age in the customs line.  It helped to make me feel more confident with my surroundings.  Plus, he has lived in Europe for 4 years so he shared his experiences with me. Particularly, he told me about that is in incredibly beautiful to be in Europe around Christmas time.  He claimed that it made being away from loved ones easier with so much beauty.   Another lady and I banned together in pursuit of our baggage carousal.  Which was eventually found after a few minutes of searching.   Anyway, the point is, I feel that it helps to become comfortable in a new culture by putting yourself out there, IMMEDIATELY.

Watch locals to learn mannerisms. While sitting at a local cafe I tried to pay attention to the details of how others interacted with one another and even spied on the correct table manners.  I don’t want to be rude when I eventually eat with other locals!

Just my thoughts.

More interesting stuff to come soon…once my mind regains coherent thoughts after so little sleep.

A bientot mes amis


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