Waffles and Chocolate

For those that are unaware. For the next week I am touring Belgium and the Netherlands with my lovely Grandparents, whom I call Mema and Papa. I’m sure amusing antidotes about my Mema will eventually make their way onto my blog.

Yesterday, the 10th, I began my day with a perfectly yummy breakfast at my hotel in my first city, Brussels. For years I have been searching for simply, raspberry juice. Well, I found it in my Belgian hotel. Let me tell you, best juice I’ve had, tart and sweet in all the right ways and a little thicker than other fruit juices. I can’t wait to go get more today, nom nom. Oddly, the breakfast options included a noodle and egg dish, as well as a rice and egg dish, both comparative to Chinese dishes. Delicious.

I had my first belgian chocolate yesterday as well. A city tour that we participated in included a chocolate tasting, the main reason the particular tour was chosen, of course.
Upon entering the chocolate shop three vats could be seen, each one housed a particular chocolate, either white, dark, or milk. There was a long marble table where we watched an employee pour the chocolate across the table. The purpose of the marble table was to cool the chocolate. After some slight cooling the chocolate was put into a bowl where it was then poured into a mold. The chocolate cooled in a fridge (not in a freezer, you don’t want it to crystallize, which is called sugar bloom). Once the chocolate was properly cooled it was easily removed from the mold because of shrinking while cooling. It was revealed that the mold used was a replica of the well known statue, Manneken Pis, the boy who is peeing into a fountain.
After the display of chocolate creation we entered the little factory’s shop. The owner preferred making chocolate with various spices. I sampled at least 20 different chocolates in the shop. Those that stand out in my mind were those made with lavender, pepper, pistachio, anise, clove, sage, and rose.
My purchase was simple- white chocolate covered espresso beans. Although my grandparents made it out with a bit more than that.

Walking through the petite cobbled streets for dinner a plethora of Belgian waffle shops were seen. I’d say that after every few stores there was a waffle shop. Even a mobile cart was stopped on a street selling to hungry customers.
I have yet to try a “Belgian waffle”. I am waiting for that perfect one.

My hopes for this new day-to find my perfect waffle.

À bientôt mes amis

Zaabär Chocolate Site



  1. Katherine

    i LOVE hearing how you’re doing. and i LOVE that your post was about food…youz such a food science major. I MISS YOU & SKYPE SOON. seriously!!! glad to know you’re doing well.

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