If you send a chocolate enthusiast to Belgium…

Seriously. Belgian chocolates. Wonderful. Everywhere.

I think I have died and gone to chocoholic heaven.

There are artisan chocolate shops in every direction, especially in the tourist filled areas.  Prices range-most of the time I purchase 2-3 pieces for under 2 euros.  Such a yummy treat.

Chocolates are also commonly given with coffee (koffie) purchases. At nearly every place that I have dined at, whether a casual cafe or fine restaurant, chocolate and biscuits are delivered with coffee.  It is splendid.  The perfect way to end a meal.

You get it for free. This morning on the way to central station in Antwerp we were stopped by a young girl. We did the common “no thank you” not knowing what the girl was promoting. She replied, “You don’t like free chocolate?!” Of course I do! Immediately I retracted my no and walked away with a delicious Zero milk chocolate bar. She explained it was called Zero because it is a chocolate that is to be served cold, although since we were heading on a train from Antwerp to Amsterdam ours did not stay so cold. It was delicious none the less.

Finishing the Zero bar back at the hotel inspired this little post.

A bientot mes amis! 🙂

Have a wonderful rest of your day! Eat chocolate!


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