Note to self: Don’t get the quiche

So, yesterday I officially began my journey alone.  The grandparents dropped me off at my dorm one final time and then it was just me.

After 3 hours and with much difficulty I was eventually able to set up my internet connection after downloading two software programs and applying them with one another.  Setting up technological devices is a mystery to me, even when instructions are provided. But now, finally, I’m all set up to stay in touch!

In between the frustrations of setting of internet connection I ventured out to find myself dinner.  In the last few days I have become fairly familiar with the center of Ghent, but the area that my dorm is in remains a complete mystery.  I left my building and walked around the block checking out the surroundings.  I discovered a bar where locals were hanging out, a natural foods store, and a pizza hut.  The bar seemed too intimidating since those there were with friends and I was by myself.  I felt that going to pizza hut would not be very adventurous of me, so I skipped that one as well.  That left me with the natural foods store.  I went in and found a nice looking quiche.  The sign appeared to say broccoli and some other word I was not familiar with (it was all in Flemish).  I thought it would be a different meal and decided to try it out.  Along with the quiche I thankfully decided to purchase some cranberry soy yogurt. With my food purchases I made the short walk back to my dorm.

I skyped my parents and struggled to eat my “broccoli” quiche.  It was taking me so long to eat that I had to walk down the hall to the kitchen twice to heat it up.  It tasted to me like that broccoli had gone bad and acquired a fishy taste to it.  No. I soon found that I was actually tasting fish in the quiche that I had purchased.  The rest of it must have been ground up, but halfway through eating, I discovered a huge fleshly piece of fish.  I do not like fish, at all.  I quickly swallowed my current bite and ran to throw the rest of the quiche into the trash.  After that experience I settled with eating half of my huge container of soy yogurt.

Today’s meal experience was more enjoyable.  I figured out that the student restaurant is located right underneath my building.  After walking in there was a display set up of today’s meal options.  The style of the cafe was similar to that of Van Zile at K-State.  There was a main meal area, a soup counter, and a pasta counter.  I decided to go to the main course counter because I’d seen chicken at the display.  After I received my food I went into the line to pay.  I couldn’t scan my student card, so the guy behind me in line took my card and showed me how to scan it the correct way (we’ll see if I remember tonight).  Once I had paid I made my way into the large eating area.  I found at an empty table and sat down to eat my meal.  In the cafeteria I could hear many different languages being spoken, although I could not tell you what they were, they all blended together into a mess of foreign words.  I watched others as I came close to finishing my meal to see where they put there trays after eating.  I found it easily and then left the cafe and went back to my room.

Now here I sit, writing a blog post. Window open and sun shining in.  Pondering if I want to go to the center of Ghent to visit the shops, or work on fixing up my room.  I probably should do the later.

Tomorrow I start welcome days, very exciting!!

A bientôt mes amis! 🙂

Me and my room-bed and cupboard on the left


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