Home for the holidays

So, the newest news, I’m returning home for Christmas! Although the idea of spending Christmas is Europe sounds incredibly charming, the gloom of potentially being alone for the holidays is too much to worry about on top of exams and projects.

Anyway, here’s a list of what I’m looking forward to when I arrive back home.

1. Seeing my long lost family and friends.

2. Typical high school friend holiday get together.

3. CHIPOTLE. I plan on eating there at least twice. Burritos. Nom. Here’s how I like my order prepared. First, burrito bowl. Next, brown rice. Meat: no, I get the Veggie (Guacamole). Then, mild salsa and EXTRA corn salsa, this must always be stressed. Optional side: chips and more Guacamole. So looking forward to this.

4. The Donut Whole. I’m getting half a dozen donuts guys. This will include high school friends as well, of course, it’s tradish.

5. The Hobbit and Les Mis at The Warren Theatre.

6. Nelly- My VW Beetle. She’s so cute with her sunflowers and turquiose dream catcher on the rearview window. I will being country driving with the windows down and music jamming.

7. Bonefish Grill. Starting with BANG BANG shrimp (the only seafood dish that I will eat). Followed by Lily’s chicken.

8: Marshall family Christmas lights. Seriously, one of my favorite things about Christmas in Wichita. Sitting in the car with my best friend, Kelsi, watching the amazing light show set to Christmas songs.

9. While we are speaking of Kelsi; Crazy Mike drive-bys followed with Taco Bueno or maybe back to The Marshall lights.

10. Von Maur. My favorite department store, where I drool over Free People clothes that I can’t afford.

11. Candlelight Christmas service. Short & sweet.

12. Oh my gosh, how did I not mention this until now!? Snuggling with my puppies, Mac & Emmett.

13. Mom’s homemade Margaritas with chips and guacamole. Who care’s if it’s not summer, margs are great anytime.

14. TBS 24 hour presentation of A Christmas Story Christmas day. “You’ll shoot your eye out kid.”

15. My mom’s absurd collection of glass Christmas trees. I’ve tried to count before. I think last year I found 80-something all around the house, more are in boxes in the basement.

16. My queen sized bed, down comforter, and ceiling fan=perfect night’s sleep.

17. Target. I think I could spend hours here.

18. My own washer, dryer, and kitchen. I will never take these for granted again. Side note: Any future study abroaders- If you’re town has IKEA, buy one of their 20cent blue shopping bags. They are GREAT for transporting laundry to the laundromat.

19. Erin Barnes and the baby Ford, who will hopefully be in the world before I arrive home. Erin, since you will have just had a baby-don’t worry I’ll bring the Jason’s Deli to you.

Okay done with what I’m excited for about being home.

Here’s what I’ll miss about Ghent.

1. My friends, but they won’t be here anyway!

2. Being in EUROPE. Ah, I love it here, so much.

3. My bike. In case you didn’t know I have a bike that I take to class and all around town, including back from a night in the city. So European.

4. The Porterhouse.

5. How active I feel. I walk and ride my bike everywhere. I’m way too lazy when I have my car.

6. Zara and H&M. Living in a town with these two stores is seriously dangerous, especially when I have the excuse of needing more winter sweaters, it’s just so cold here!

7. City life.

8. ESN events. Last night I went ice skating through ESN. There’s always a fun event to attend.

9. Belgian beer, fries, chocolate, and waffles. All things delicious.

10. The possibility of holiday time snow. It’s been 60s in Kansas, I have a feeling that a white Christmas won’t be happening this year, but it certainly is a possibility in Ghent.

11. How gorgeous Ghent is. The river, historic building, the castle in the middle of the city. It’s wonderful.

Okay, there’s more that I will miss about Ghent of course, but I’m losing my train of thought and it’s getting late.

Travel on.Ghent



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