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Don’t get me wrong-I love it here in Belgium. I have made wonderful friends, have amazing professors, and live in a charming city, but I’m starting to miss a few things.

Supermarkets! There’s nothing I love more than a trip to the Super Dillon’s in Wichita. I love looking at all the products on the shelves. Plus the convenience of having everything from food to beauty products to medicine in one location. I have managed to find one Supermarket near my faculty.  It was a glorious experience. I found raspberry nectar there-it’s the best juice! Trust me.

Ranch for dipping. Every time I order fries or pizza I find myself craving some ranch to dip my food in.  I keep forgetting to see if there are any at the groceries, but I feel that it’s doubtful. Good thing ketchup is extremely easy to find, although a payment of 60 cents is usually required.

My Volkswagen bug or as Rachel named her, Neely, you know as in “Whoa, Nelly!”. I do feel very “fit” and healthy taking the 30 minute walk to my faculty everyday (sometimes twice a day), but I miss just hopping in my car and going for a casual ride with the windows down and music blasting. Walking everywhere has made it possible to frequently eat fries, waffles, and chocolates without gaining weight, so I guess it has it’s perks!!

K-State football games (& tailgating).  I might not be a sports nut, but I love Saturday games in Manhattan. More for the social aspect. Tailgating with friends before a big game is one of the greater things in life! Along with dressing in purple and donning your favorite cowboy boots.

CHIPOTLE. I’m a huge Chipotle addict. I might have once said that if I died with a Chipotle burrito in my hand I could die happy…but seriously, I love Chipotle. I’ve spotted one Tex Mex restaurant and you better believe that I will be checking the place out.

Netflix, Hulu, Pandora. Sad news for future study abroaders. These websites are not accessible from abroad. I know, I know, depressing? After a long day in classes (usually, eek, 6 hours) all I want to do is lay in bed and watching a cult classic like Buffy or My So-Called Life (I miss the Angela and Jordan drama). The one good thing about this is that it forces me to do other things. Like BE SOCIAL. Or do some homework. I also luckily have pretty much every episode of Glee on my computer, that helps the loss of Netflix a bit.

Normal “fresh milk”. I’ve never been much of a milk drinker, but the fact that UHT milk is all that is offered in Belgian really grosses me out.  It might as well be formula.  Good thing the only time I drink milk in in my coffee.

An oven/grill. Our student kitchens are lacking one major appliance-an oven.  I don’t cook a lot back home, but typically my major appliances were a stove and oven.  The stoves, thank goodness, we have.  Although they have a switch that you have to remember to flip every 5 minutes or so or they will turn off.

Of course I miss my friends, family, and puppies too. I’m lucky to have made a nice group of friends here though! Also, my parents will be here in 12 days! We are hitting up Paris, yo! I couldn’t be more excited to stay in an adorable flat in the center of the city of love! Anyone know any cute Parisians?!

One thing I’ll never have to miss here is late night pizza. I live on a crazy party street, overpoortstraat. On top of having a plethora of pubs and clubs, there are plenty of late night food options-burgers, fries, pizza, pitas, and durams.  So many choices after a night out!

Also there is more than enough beer to go around. It is Belgium!

All in all, I LOVE IT HERE, but of course, while abroad, you are bound to miss a few things from your country!

What would you miss most abroad??

Have a splendid, marvelous, joyous day!

A bientôt mes amis!

Cheers to Belgian beers!